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The March of the Penquin


Google Penquin

The online world is still shaking after the restructuring the Panda and Penguin, the newest updates made to Google’s search engine’s algorithm. Since its

launch back in the beginning of 2011, the Panda update utilizes an advanced AI to spot spammers and ensure that the top search engine spots are filled with quality websites.

On the heels of the Panda update was the Penguin. To some Penguins may be cute, but if you are not providing quality content and creating backlinks the easy way or with the wrong networks, this Penguin will bite you. This

new stringent enforcement process has hurt a lot of online businesses. Some website owners that thought they we playing by the rules, quickly found out that the strategies that they are using or that their SEO was using is destroying their online business. For those with 100% of their customers coming from Google this just put them out of business.

After the SES Conference a lot of the top Internet Marketers and industry insiders are forecasting that Google is going to crack down even harder. Instead of a huge algorithm change, they are sticking with the Penguin. This means updates are being finely tuned monthly, weekly and even daily to weed out websites who utilize poor quality SEO tactics.

A big part of SEO is reporting. If you are not analyzing and recording important data about your websites traffic and ranking on a weekly or the very least monthly bases, your website could be affected and when you finally notice the slump, it may be too late.

If this has happened to your website we can help. We have developed a systematic process to help resolved the issues Google’s Penguin has with your website.

Be careful who your hire to work on your website. Why trust your business to an SEO Firm or individual that has been in business for only a couple of years. With over 16 years of marketing experience, RTH Marketing provides you with the internet marketing strategies you need to achieve maximum results.

Rick Hineman is the CEO of RTH Marketing, a trailblazing internet marketing agency that specializes in driving customers to your products and brand.